The Lion in Love

Body of the Fable

There was this Lion who fell madly in love with a maiden in town. She was so beautiful that the Lion did not hesitate to propose a marriage with her parents. And this was where the story begins. The old parents did not want to lend their beloved daughter over to the Lion; at the same time, they could get into big trouble if they had made the king of all beasts angry.

After some careful planning, the father replied to the Lion's proposal, cleverly:-

"We are greatly honored by your interest in our daughter, and we treasure your proposal with our lives. But as you can see, our daughter is as fragile as glass. If she marries you, whenever her beauty arouses you, your affection could lead you to hurt her helpless body with your great claws and sharp teeth. We would love to accept your proposal if you'd have your claws and teeth removed."

The Lion was so badly in love that he went on to trim his claw and take out his teeth. So earnestly again, he approached the maiden's parents. But this time, the parents did not even pay him the tiniest respect and simply laughed at him.

Moral of the Fable

Only love can tame a beast.