The Fox and The Grapes

Body of the Fable 

It was a particularly hot day. The dry weather left the Fox very very thirsty. Just by then, the Fox came across a really juicy bunch of grapes by chance, or so it seemed. It was unusually vivid in color that it appears so delicious.

The Fox came close to the tree from which the grapes are hanging. Unfortunately, they are hanged a little bit higher than the grapes on the other trees.The Fox thought it worthwhile to give it a try anyway, given its tempting looks.

So it did.

The Fox jumped and sprang many times but none of his attempts amounted to any good. When he finally decided to give up, he turned away and muttered to himself,

"Huh! What does it matter? The grapes are sour anyway!"

Moral of the Fable

What is not yours is not yours.