The Fox

The Fox is one of the most prevalent figures in Aesop's repertoire. It has appeared in the some of Aesop's most famous fables, such as The Fox and The Grapes, The Fox and The Leopard, The Fox and The Lion, The Ass, The Fox and The Lion etc. Without understanding the symbolism the Fox represents , it is truly difficult to decipher certain hidden message Aesop had in mind when he crafted the fables.

The Fox is a figure of deceit, trickery and perhaps even evil. The fables that feature the Fox usually involve it victimizing another gullible animal, causing it to suffer from its own stupidity, while benefiting the Fox itself. The Fox is widely known for its wit and slyness when it comes to his conversations and actions. Its rhetorical devises or words of wisdom usually concisely marked the moral of the story in a straightforward manner.


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